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Introducing RJ Bradner

Your Next Bath Township Trustee

God. Family. Country.

Richard (RJ) is a longtime Bath Resident who has been active in local affairs since 1980. He is a St. Hilary parishioner and serves as Chairman of the Bath Township Zoning Commission.


RJ strongly believes that the most effective, responsible and responsive government is one that is closest to the taxpayer constituent. He promotes government that is fiscally responsible while keeping the core value of environmental advocacy that encourages and stimulates a high quality of life for residents.

He and his wife, Connie, enjoy serving the community, gardening, traveling as well as being mentors to their eight Godsons.

Meet RJ Bradner
Why Bradner

Why Bradner?

He Believes in and Lives Core Values.

Core Values are inherent traits. Unlike skills, these values cannot be learned. Thus, it's important to gauge an individual's Core Values; in terms of Understanding them, Appreciating them,  Commitment to them and most of all - Expressing these Core Values in their lives.


His core values include:


Honesty is Esteemed and held as the Highest Standard.  It is the key to Good Communication, Understanding and Interactions.  It is the Basis for All Successful Relationships. 

The Golden Rule

Simply put: Treat others as you wish to be Treated.

RJ Bradner demonstrates the Golden Rule in the way he treats others.  He is considerate of one’s feelings and thoughts.  This is not just with the job at hand, but in his interactions with others.  He respects people, value the differences among them and deals with them in the way they want to be dealt with. This compels self-awareness and obliges one to endeavor to understand others.

Meaningful Objectives

He endeavors to communicate with clarity, the targets, goals, purposes and intentions in order to accomplish projects, plans and ventures.


RJ strives constantly to improve Processes, Policies and Procedures. This includes both Personal and Professional life.   He acts as both Coach and Mentor to others in order to improve performance and meet or exceed those goals agreed to. 

Profitable Outcomes

RJ has served in Leadership Roles as well as independent consultant who guides projects, improves processes and reduces cost for various firms; having achieved over $60MM worth of hard savings.

More so, Relationships are Improved and People's Lives Enhanced through these interactions.  

"I strongly believe that the most effective, responsible and responsive
government is one that is closest to the taxpaying constituent."

- Richard (RJ) Bradner

In the Community

Bradner in the Bath/Richfield Parade
Bradner in the Bath/Richfield Parade
Bright Future Ahead
Beauty in Bath
A Night in Bath Township
RJ Bradner North Fork Preserve Historic Committee
American Planners Association Annual Training
Bath Winter Beauty
Bath Indian
In the Community

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